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  • Preliminary Round - Online by video recordings. The selected finalists will be announced on or before October 22, 2024. 

  • Final Round - Live auditions at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Competitors will perform on brand new Steinway & Sons grand piano.

ATTENTION: All Prizewinners and Honorable Mention recipients of the 2020 and 2023 Glissando Competition (San Diego, CA), the 2023-2024 Sergei Rachmaninoff Competition (Houston, TX), and the Russian Souvenir Competitions will automatically advance to the Final Round without the need for Preliminary Round video submission. Application forms and application fees are still required for these participants. 


  • Category A - 5-8* years old

  • Category B - 9-13* years old

  • Category C - 14-17* years old

       *As of November 9, 2024


  • Application Deadline - October 11, 2024, 11:29 PM (PST)

  • The Online Application Form and Application Fee must be submitted simultaneously.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • The competition does not provide practice opportunities or accommodation for any of the contestants. 

  • The awards, certificates and cash prizes will ONLY be distributed IN PERSON. No postal or online prize or certificate deliveries will be arranged.

  • All the decisions of the adjudicators are FINAL.

  • Jury reserves the right to:​

    • not to award any of the prizes

    • to share a prize between several contestants 

    • to stop any performance which exceeds posted time limits or does not meet professional standards

    • to disqualify any candidate who does not comply with any of Competition’s regulations, norms of social behavior, State of California and Federal Laws.




Please carefully review each requirement before submitting your video. 

  • Video must be recorded horizontally - if you are using a phone or tablet, please make sure you flip it on its side. Vertical screen recordings will be rejected.

  • Audio must be clear and without any environmental noises or distractions. 

  • No editing or enhancing of any kind is allowed for both video and audio. 

  • Please record only your playing, with neither talking nor announcing the pieces.

  • The program can be recorded in separate files / takes for each piece. Up to three links are allowed for submission in the Application Form.

  • Recordings should be a fair representation of Contestant’s abilities - keyboard, both hands, and face (profile) must be visible at all times.

  • Instrument requirements: grand piano or acoustic upright piano. No digital/electronic instruments are allowed. Piano must be fully functional and properly tuned.

  • Contestants must perform the entire program from memory.


  • Free choice of repertoire with minimum of two (2) solo compositions of contrasting styles selected from traditional piano repertoire are required for each age category.

  • All compositions must be performed by memory during both Rounds.

  • No ensembles, two-piano works, or piano concertos are allowed.

  • No simplified or shortened versions of any compositions are allowed.

  • Participant do not have to provide sheet music for the Jury.

  • Repeats are not requred for large sections (expositions of the sonatas and similar)

  • Applicants can choose to perform the same or different selection for the Preliminary and Final Rounds. 

  • The posted time limit should be taken into consideration by the applicants when selecting the repertoire.

Category A: Time limit - 7 minutes maximum

Category B: Time limit - 12 minutes maximum

Category C: Time limit - 17 minutes maximum

  • The applicants whose live performance exceeds the posted time limit can be stopped.



The First, Second, and Third Prizes in each Age Category, Honorable Mentiones, and Special Prizes to be distributed at the discretionary of the Jury 




Master-classes with Dr. Vladimir Khomyakov and Dr. Sergei Kuznetsov.


Glissando proudly presents this prestigious master-class series with Guest Artists from around the world. Students are invited to perform in the traditional master-class setting and receive feedback from internationally recognized pianists. “Bravo, Maestro!” provides the perfect opportunity for pianists preparing for competitions, university, and scholarship auditions to receive expert advice and feedback. 


Professional piano repertoire is expected. Duration of the performance is limited to 10-15 minutes. Memorization is required.

Glissando Master-Class Certificates will be awarded. 

Disclaimer: Glissando reserves the right to terminate the Competition, in whole or in part, and/or adjust, amend or suspend the Competition Rules in any way, at any time, for any reason without prior notice. All photos and videos taken during the Competition will exclusively belong to Glissando, and can be published and used for any promotional purposes.

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