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Pianist and music producer

Under his stage name AR KAY, Richard is a downtempo music producer based out of Hollywood. His single “Nights in Oslo” is a regular selection for playlist curators around the Nordic countries, and his upcoming single “Secret Garden” will be featured on the German record label and music blog “Stereofox”. Richard is an acclaimed classical and jazz pianist in conjunction with modern music production. Steinway artist David Osborne describes Richard as a “...fine pianist. He not only plays superb classical piano with wonderful technique but also plays jazz and pop standards impeccably. Audiences around the world love him as he speaks beautifully to guests and fans.” Richard is extremely active in the musical community, constantly performing at live and private events. His first EP album will be released in September of 2023. 

Richard studied in New York City at the Manhattan School of Music and was winning competitions at an early age: his first one at Princeton University, and would later go on to perform in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall in New York to Kimmel Arts Center in Philadelphia. Richard’s jazz skills enabled him to play improvisations with violinist David Klinkenberg on the cruise line Royal Caribbean as well as different jazz bands in Houston, Texas. 

Richard aims to merge the bridge between classical and modern music. One of his trademarks is his improvisation seminar and masterclass that he conducts, inviting students to learn the art of creating music on the spot. Richard successfully incorporates his classical training with his music production and encourages students worldwide to dive deeper into expanding their musical horizons.

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